An end to Aki-Ira in &TV’s Meri Hanikarak Biwi? -
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An end to Aki-Ira in &TV’s Meri Hanikarak Biwi?

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An end to Aki-Ira in &TV’s Meri Hanikarak Biwi?

Another and astonishing turn in &TV’s Meri Hanikarak Biwi is good to go to leave the Aki-Ira fans in genuine stun. Exactly when Akhilesh (Karan Suchak) has started feeling total in the wake of being brought together with Ira (Jia Shankar) and his delightful little girl, Mishri (Vaishnavi Prajapati), terrible occasions by and by will compel him to remain separated.

In the midst of a lethal emergency, Akhilesh will attempt to spare children and individuals from specific fear mongers, little will he realize that his own better half, Ira will turn into the following psychological militant target. Undermined by a psychological oppressor posse needing to mischief to Mishri, Ira will reluctantly consent to be the reason for an across the board slaughter in the midst of the nearness of a few people. On finding this, Akhilesh unflinchingly should pull the trigger and shoot Ira to turn away the emergency. A dearest spouse, father, and child in adoration with his better half will be on a junction leaving him with no choice than pulling the trigger, along these lines acquiring a staggering end to the Aki-Ira romantic tale.

Discussing this new contort, Karan Suchak who papers the character of Akhilesh stated, “From the earliest starting point watchers have venerated Ira and Akhilesh’s science. Notwithstanding when our characters were quickly separated, I regularly used to get messages from fans on how they wanted for our characters to rejoin and see us together. This new bend will undoubtedly take them by a stun, just to acquire new amazements in the days to come. It might be the finish of Ira-Akhilesh, however I think every one of the watchers who have bolstered us until should remain snared on to know how the plot will grow further.”

Will this be a conclusion to Ira-Akhilesh story? By what means will Akhilesh lead his life post this injury?

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