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Imlie and Aryan reconcile; Harry attacks Imlie

Star Plus show ‘Imlie’ is getting quite interesting with each passing episode. The current track of the show revolves around Imlie trying to get proofs against Jyoti. She has disguised herself as a house help and is trying to decode Jyoti’s plans.

In the upcoming episodes, Sundar lays on the bed as Imlie while Aryan comes there to reconcile with her. Imlie crawls down and takes Sundar’s place. Aryan tells her to forget everything. Imlie gives in and they hug each other. Imlie dresses up as Kairi and goes in the kitchen. She befriends Jyoti. She asks her to kill Imlie and cut her into pieces.

Furthermore, Jyoti asks Harry to kill Imlie and they will put the blame on Kairi. Kairi brings a bowl and tells Jyoti that she has cut Imlie into pieces. Jyoti gets elated and sees the bowl wherein Kairi has kept the pieces of taramind. Jyoti gets furious. She asks Kairi to go away. Jyoti asks Harry to kill Imlie and Kairi couldn’t do the same.

Kairi goes to the room to change as Imlie. Harry enters her room from the window and sees her change into Imlie. He learns the truth and attacks Imlie. Imlie tries to make Harry change his mind but Harry is petrified of Jyoti and thus doesn’t want to risk his life.

Aryan marches towards Imlie’s room. Jyoti tries hard to not let him go to her room. Imlie screams Aryan’s name and he rushes to the room and gets shocked.

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