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Harsh Rajput breaks down on the sets of Nazar!

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Harsh Rajput breaks down on the sets of Nazar!

Unforgiving Rajput, who is presently observed as Davansh in Gul Khan’s mainstream show Nazar as of late got sad while shooting for the show.

We heard, Kohra (Ritu Shivpuri) will offer toxic substance to the relatives of Ansh (Harsh Rajput). To spare them, Ansh needs to time travel to the past subsequent to killing everybody. Left with no choice, Ansh chooses to murder his relatives one-by-one with an extraordinary sword, which has a place with Kohra. Ansh was heart-broken and was crying miserably. While shooting a specific scene, Harsh got sad and had a breakdown on the sets.

At the point when reached Harsh stated, “We can’t consider hurting your relatives in your most stunning of dream and here Ansh needs to murder them with his uncovered hands. Since my character is near my heart, I was feeling the agony, the injury Ansh was experiencing. I was numb when I was told in the following scene Ansh is going to execute Munna (Kiara Bhanushali). It was a passionate scene, where a vulnerable dad advises his child that he needs to put him to rest. I actually begun crying in genuine while shooting that arrangement.”

We likewise heard the entertainer was left with puffy eyes after the pack up. “I was sincerely depleted in the wake of shooting and my eyes swelled up due to exorbitant crying,” Harsh jested.

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