Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2 trio Akash Jagga, Aditi Sanwal & Aashish Bhardhwaj get chatty about their bond - TvArticles.org
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Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2 trio Akash Jagga, Aditi Sanwal & Aashish Bhardhwaj get chatty about their bond

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Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2 trio Akash Jagga, Aditi Sanwal & Aashish Bhardhwaj get chatty about their bond

They state that it is difficult for companionships to get by in a serious industry like showbiz, yet the fellowship between Akash Jagga, Aditi Sanwal, and Aashish Bhardhwaj isn’t just enduring yet in addition flourishing. We had a good time visit meeting with the chummy threesome, who play Kaushik Chakraborty, Kuki Bajaj, and Mohnish, separately, in Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2. Peruse on…

You all have become dear companions. Anyway, how did your fellowship start?

Aditi: We met on the arrangements of our show. On the main day we shot together, we simply traded the standard Hi and Bye. Yet, as we began cooperating, we began holding.

Companions will consistently share something practically speaking that ties them — it could be leisure activities, interests, values, interests… anything. What bonds all of you?

Akash: We are in a similar age gathering. Additionally, Aashish and I are newcomers. Aditi has done a show before this, however she, as well, is generally a newcomer.

Aditi: We have comparable interests and we love discussing movies, entertainers, and their exhibitions and otherworldliness. Additionally, we travel to cooperate.

Aashish: We love sharing privileged insights and tattle. I imagine that has brought us closer.

How would you invest the free energy that you get during the shoot?

Aditi: We jabber and jam together. Aashish plays his guitar, while Akash and I sing. We are not extraordinary vocalists, yet we partake presently together.

We frequently observe you folks enjoying tricks on the set. Generally, who thinks of thoughts for tricks? Who is the most devilish one among you three?

Akash: We don’t play such a large number of tricks, yet truly, we continue ridiculing one another. Discussing the most wicked one, it is unquestionably Aditi.

Aashish: I don’t pull an excessive number of tricks on them, as I discover them excessively sweet.

Given that you love testing each other’s sanity, kindly offer some pleasant realities around each other…

Akash: Aditi’s OCD for tidiness is clever. Now and again, in any event, when we are hanging out in my vanity, she would initially clean it and pack my possessions before plunking down to converse with us. It’s amusing to watch Aashish get charmed in stories. Aditi and I giggle a great deal at whatever point he portrays a story and is absent to everything around us.

Aditi: Akash is consistently on diet — he eats just quinoa and multigrain food things. He additionally evades pastries and sleek things while Aashish and I eat everything. The difference between us is practically entertaining — Akash adheres to his spotless eating routine while we enjoy cakes and chocolates. The most clever thing about Aashish is that he is a sucker for tragic stories. He is so kind-hearted, anybody can have a good time with him.

Aashish: Akash cherishes bothering me, and he begins splitting PJs on the off chance that he becomes more acquainted with that I haven’t rested soundly and am feeling grumpy. All things considered, she imparts tattle to youngster like eagerness. Here and there, her honesty is both contacting and interesting.

Do you have monikers for each other?

Aashish: We call one other by our characters’ names.

Akash: Yes, I call Aashish and Aditi Monu and Kuki, individually.

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