Review: Colors’ Choti Sarrdaarni is a classic tale with underlying facets of relationships -
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Review: Colors’ Choti Sarrdaarni is a classic tale with underlying facets of relationships

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Review: Colors’ Choti Sarrdaarni is a classic tale with underlying facets of relationships

Hues TV’s Choti Sarrdaarni featuring Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia, Avinesh Rekhi and Anita Raj ahead of the pack jobs, is the as of late propelled show by the channel. A Punjabi dramatization set in the midst of affection, legislative issues and power spins around the life of Meher Dhillon, her mom Kulwant Kaur and Sarabjit Gill. Created by Rajesh Ram Singh and Pradeep Kumar, the show depends on fearless Meher and how she battles back the general public in the wake of discovering that she is pregnant with her sweetheart’s youngster. It’s an account of a politically headed mother attempting to discover a counterpart for her girl as equivalent as her status in the general public. The show is an interpretation of how Meher battles back the societal gigs and remains firm with her sentiments. This show is Nimrit’s presentation show as well.

The show pretense from Monday to Friday at 7:30 PM on Colors. Also, on the off chance that you are in a quandary try it an attempt or not, here’s a speedy audit of the show…


The story begins with a reverential set up with heavenly supplications being done and afterward we are acquainted with Kulwant Dhillon, a supervisor woman and Sarpanj of her town. She is viewed as furious and amazing, and this is indicated when she slaps the specialist who needs his group to rest since they were working from quite a while. Gradually, we are acquainted with relatives of Meher. Her mom is by all accounts in wonder of photographs and requests that her child click an image of her alongside the designer while she was driving the tractor.

In some time, we get a look at Meher’s charming little nephew, who is a mischievous kid who wouldn’t like to prepare for his dastar bandi custom, rather needs to play a computer game. In the middle of this present, Meher’s oldest sibling and his better half are presented sharing a sentimental minute. Presently, the hero Meher Dhillon shows up while she is caught up with making desserts for the event. She encourages her sister-in-law to creator her nephew prepare. Meher is presented as a chirpy and bubbly young lady, who is adored by everybody in the house, and yet has severe limits as well.

In the midst of the dastar bandi custom, a slight look at an unsettled connection among Kulwant and her martyred spouse is appeared. In the interim, an enthusiastic Meher gets nostalgic over her dad’s recollections. Moreover, Kulwant is seen displaying her political goals before Gulband who inspired of her accommodating nature guarantees her of making her meet Sarabjit Gill, who can help Kulwant get the ticket for decisions. A fraud nature of Kulwant is additionally appeared.

The story advances with a presentation of Manav, who is Meher’s sweetheart. An inconsistency of characteristics are appeared between Kulwant’s fantasy child in-law and Manav’s working conditions. Manav and Meher are appeared adorable minutes while they drive Meher’s new jeep, talented to her by her oldest sibling. The scene closes with Kulwant getting irritated at Meher.

What we loved:


To see Nimrit as a debutante, she doesn’t look crude by any stretch of the imagination. She has depicted Meher by picking all her character characteristics no sweat and flawlessness. On-screen character Ankita Raj trying Kulwant Kaur is looking encouraging in her job, her non-verbal communication, articulations and by and large look is on point. Hitesh Bhardwaj playing Meher’s sweetheart looks a precise Romeo frantically enamored with Meher and the entertainer’s spell was a general sight to behold. In any case, an exceptional notice goes to the entertainer playing Meher’s little nephew, Yuvi’s character. The youngster entertainer was absolutely a cherry on the cake.


What we enjoyed the most about the ensembles and the general dressing of the on-screen characters is that nothing was exaggerated. They looked straightforward yet gave a tasteful intrigue. None of the entertainer had over the top gems on their body. In the interim, the intrigue of the outfits was eye relieving with light hues coordinating the setting of the show.

Set Design-

Since the show has been set in Punjab, the customary Punjabi haveli removed our consideration. This has added to the general account of the show. The couch, feasting table, rooms, veranda too the streets utilized for substitution has the definite town feel.

Lingual authority-

It’s a given that a Punjabi based show will have a similar Punjabi style cut in the characters. Be that as it may, here the characters are seen articulating commonplace Hindi words in the Punjabi emphasize. It once more, adds to the general intrigue of the show.

What we didn’t care for:

The account of the show ought to have been misrepresented a bit, in light of the fact that generally the story-line of the show has turned out to be unsurprising when things are contrasted with the promotions that were appeared. Despite the fact that it’s a day by day show, Meher’s entrance could have better rather than an adage presentation. We feel some additional time ought to have been put resources into setting up every single other character in the show. From whatever we have seen about the show, Meher and Manav’s scenes could have a superior embellishment alongside some foundation of their affection for one another.

In general, we feel that more distortion and foundation of relations could have been an ideal layer to the show. Since the eventual fate of the plot has been somewhat unsurprising as a watcher.


From whatever we could watch and comprehend from the primary scene, the show is pointing towards ladies strengthening and builds up influential ladies associated with legislative issues. Despite the fact that, the story-line has gone unsurprising, there are a few aspects of the story that are yet to be found and we feel the genuine tension and rush in watching the show lies in the realities those are covert. We’d state, the show can be promising if all biases are overlooked by the watchers.

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