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Review: Colors’ Vish Makes For an ‘Intoxicating’ Watch!

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Review: Colors’ Vish Makes For an ‘Intoxicating’ Watch!

Hues TV’s Vish featuring Debina Bonnerjee, Vishal Vashishtha, Sana Mabkul and Krrip Kapur Suri went on-air yesterday supplanting Adaa Khan starrer Sitara: Vish Ya Amrit. The show pursues a fundamental plot of the well established legendary Vishkanya who have toxin of all the toxic animals. This show is a vengeance story as well and has a few puzzles and excites included. It is additionally Debina’s undeniable rebound on the TV and is created by Peninsula Pictures. Vish show on Colors from Monday to Friday at 10:30 PM.

Here’s a speedy audit of the show…


The scene begins with Dr Subhash, all focused and stressed, driving his vehicle. Unintentionally his vehicle hits a lady. When he ventures out to discover the state of that lady, he is stunned to discover that she is a Vishkanya. Later on, he gets murdered by her. The story pushes ahead and the female hero is presented, Dr Aliya Sanyal who is cheerful about her new activity in Bhairav Island’s Kothari Estate. Be that as it may, she is cautioned by a retailer who catches her discussion by calling Kothari Estate ‘encompassed by fiendishness energies’.

Aliya achieves the Kothari Estate. Now, we are acquainted with Sabrina who leaves the pool in an in vogue way. Aliya adapts every one of the standards and guidelines from Sabrina who likewise makes her meet Mohit (her better half). Aliya needs to take care of him since he is incapacitated. Here starts the puzzle when Aliya understands that Mohit is assaulted with a similar toxic substance like that of her dad and she is in a situation.

Afterward, Sabrina arranges an amazing gathering on the event of Mohit’s birthday. Here we meet, the spoilt rascal, Aditya who abhorrences Sabrina. He feels that she is a gold digger and deliberately drops her while moving. He affronts Sabrina as well. In the interim, a visitor gives hitting a shot Sabrina and pursues her when she leaves the party.Here the greatest truth is uncovered that Sabrina is a Vishkanya who slaughters the visitor as well, by expelling his heart from his body…

What we preferred:


Debina gets into the character of Sabrina truly well. Her demeanors, particularly her eyes are persuading. Sana, then again, has that interest to think about the secret of her dad’s demise while keeping up her dapper charm alive. She figures out how to level Debina’s hostility with her exhibition. Aditya has played the spoilt imp suitably, yet what we notice is there is a resentment, question and a few inquiries behind the manner in which he is living. By and large no scenes are looking customized, they feel common.


It’s too fast to even consider judging the cinematography with one scene however what we cherished was the Bhairav Island’s presentation. Indeed, even Aliya sitting close to the pool and taking a gander at her appearance in it and Sabrina leaving it was perfectly shot. Our most loved was Aditya’s presentation as he leaves his personal jet.


It is noticeable that appropriate consideration has been taken for the ensemble. The dresses are upgrading the excellence of the scene. Sabrina has the most polished outfits in the show.

Sound Track

The mood melodies during Sabrina’s entrance is adding to the show’s account.

What we didn’t care for:

The scene where every single toxic animal spread Sabrina’s body looked somewhat unpleasant. We feel that the principal scene could have been exceptional and might be built up Vishkanya with more profundity. It would have been exceptional if Krrip’s character would have in any event a notice in the principal scene. Aside from that VFX altering can be improved somewhat. We likewise feel that couple of more characters could have expanded the power and puzzle of the show.


The show is an extraordinary puzzle spine chiller and will keep you snared to the TV. Debina, Sana and Vishal have played their parts truly well. For all the vigorous fanatics of the heavenly and spine chiller class, this show can be your next watch.

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