Review: Colors’ Bahu Begum is a Sublime Blend of Love, Culture, Rituals & Politics! -
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Review: Colors’ Bahu Begum is a Sublime Blend of Love, Culture, Rituals & Politics!

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Review: Colors’ Bahu Begum is a Sublime Blend of Love, Culture, Rituals & Politics!

Hues TV propelled their much-anticipated romantic tale, Bahu Begum yesterday. The show highlights entertainers Arjit Taneja, Samiksha Jaiswal and Daina Khan in the number one spot jobs just as on-screen characters Simone Singh, Supriya Shukla, Mohammad Nazim, Amrapali Gupta and Rehaan Roy in significant jobs. Helmed by Prateek Sharma’s LSD Films, the plot of this show is situated in Bhopal and rotates around the Nawab group of the city and the nation and love related to the focal characters of the show.

Bahu Begum is an affection triangle between Azaan Akhtar Mirza, Noor Ibrahim and Shayra.

The show has supplanted Contiloe Pictures’ Khoob Ladi Mardaani: Jhansi Ki Rani that highlighted entertainer Anushka Sen in the main job and will air from Monday to Friday at 9:30 PM. We are displaying a speedy survey of the show to enable you to choose on the off chance that you out it an attempt or not, so continue perusing on…


The show begins with a short title track and a while later we get a look at the regal Pasa and the imperial idea of Nawabs. Bahu Begum is presented by giving an occasional reference. Yasmin is seen taking the regal Pasa for the Bahu Begum of Bhopal, Razia Akhtar Mirza who is preparing to respect her dearest child whom she will meet in the wake of five difficult years. Razia and Yasmin share a well disposed passionate minute that clues at their inviting relationship and furthermore focuses towards something from an earlier time. In a matter of moments, we are acquainted with Noor who has been chosen by Razia for her child Azaan-the to be Nawab of Bhopal.

Noor is viewed as a chirpy and bubbly young lady who is glad to be the eventual Bahu Begum, she has a go at keeping the imperial balance however her bubbliness brings out her to submit little missteps, she erroneously slaps somebody yet in the wake of understanding her mix-up she is sorry to the Lord in the Dargah. Here we are acquainted with Shayra who is a basic and well-learned young lady. Without precedent for the Dargah, Shayra and Noor have a go head to head. Noor is seen gloating about she being the future Bahu Begum. In the interim, we get a dream of Asgar Khan and his better half Suraiya. They are seen against the choice of making Noor the Bahu Begum.

Razia, then again, is incredibly glad to have her child back. She circulates blessings. In the Dargah we are acquainted with Azaan Mirza who offers a passionate minute with his mom. Yet, at that point there is a little spat between Razia’s house cleaner’s better half and Azaan in light of the fact that the man slights Razia. Azaan gets into battle with him. Shayra enters and stops him. Afterward, Shayra makes a major disclosure to Razia that she and Azaan are enamored with one another. An upset Razia gives back saying she has officially chosen Azaan’s Begum. The scene closes with Noor crying in the wake of hearing that Shayra and Azaan are infatuated with one another.


The show begins with an incredible passage of Simone Singh as the Bahu Begum and the diagram has been kept up by every one of the characters till the finish of the scene. Supriya Shukla has surpassed her character and looks engaging. Discussing the leads-Arjit, Samiksha and Daina, they have acquired qualities from their characters truly well. Samiksha is sparkling as Noor, Daina, then again, is looking flawlessly quiet and formed. We think Arjit could have been angrier when Razia was offended before everybody in the Dargah scene. Mohammad Nazim and Amrapali had scanty scenes in the main scene however their non-verbal communication and the style of saying exchanges have unobtrusively settled their dim shades.

We have an uncommon notice for Samiksha as she has attempted Noor truly well. By and large, everybody looks engaging and have their influence without any difficulty.

Heading and Cinematography:

The presentation scene of Razia, just as Noor, were the features. The shot where the Razia is disseminating endowments to her staff has a stylish imperial intrigue. The commencement made by Shayra to prevent Azaan from hitting a servant’s better half was an ‘aww ‘minute and features their affection for one another truly well. Azaan and Shayra’s entrance could have been somewhat better however.

Screenplay and Background Score:

Talking about the screenplay, we see that the producers have taken uncommon consideration to make the scenes look tasteful and imperial, which is an ideal match to the topic. The mix of Urdu and Hindi is kept straightforward and simple for the group of spectators to comprehend the language. The expansion of shayaris is cherry on the cake. (This gains a ‘waah-waah’ from us!) We adore the discourse conveyance likewise, it doesn’t appear to be constrained by any means, it’s everything normal and in the stream.

Regarding the foundation score, we can’t neglect to make reference to the ambient melodies of Noor (aaye haaye Noori… ) It has a smile commendable impact. Something else, the qawaali played as mood melodies fit the narrating.

Set Design and Costume:

We heart the set just as outfit structure of the show. The general population associated with these divisions have taken uncommon consideration to make the show look enthusiastic and regal. Yet, there’s one thing we’d need to specify, in the scene where Razia is offering blessings to her staff, there is no legitimate complexity between the set plan and the shade of their ensemble. It’s excessively white, some imperial blues, yellows, reds, maroons and oranges could have added more to the intrigue of the show. The adornments also is finely planned and is gelling with the ensemble. Exceptional notice to the illustrious Pasha of the Bahu Begum.

High Point:

Nowadays relatively few shows have a title track being played toward the start of the show. Bahu Begum began off with a title track and it had our heart at that. We have acclaims for the creators to light up the show with the title track and serving us wistfulness all the while. Razia’s illustrious section hit the correct harmony and the show ended up worth viewing from the primary scene itself. Furthermore, indeed, Azaan’s exchange where he said he can’t endure three things, viz. anything against-religion, nation and his mom; was one more fascination.


As per us, Bahu Begum is a seriously hung romantic tale that will bring the idea of polygamy into the spotlight. The show has a few shrouded certainties too which will get revealed in the coming scenes. There is a political tiff among Asgar and Razia which despite the fact that not is in the front line but rather will be featured in the coming scenes, we feel. Concludingly, we’d state, on the off chance that you’re a devotee of eminence just as romantic tales, at that point you shouldn’t miss Bahu Begum. The show is an ideal mix of culture, customs, love and governmental issues; and its captivating storyline will keep you snared.

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