Bigg Buzz: Pavitra Punia predicts this contestant will be evicted next from the Bigg Boss house

During her last week in the show, she felt that she was a believed a need resolve in light of the battle she had with Aly during the captaincy task among Kavita and Jasmine. On the other side, during a game that Karan played with her, Pavitra referenced that Eijaz was the main challenger who caused her to feel like she was at home. Among other endearing signals, the best one was the point at which he made Chapati for her while they were inside the red zone. Concerning the following disposal, she anticipated that the following individual to be ousted would be Abhinav.

To add to the fun, Karan welcomed the VIP visitor of the scene – Shefali Jariwala. Shefali felt that the competitor’s energy appears to be somewhat low and she misses the component of fellowship inside the house the most. One being asked by Karan whom she is supporting inside the house, she obviously referenced that consistently her top choices continue evolving. She uncovered her perspectives about the housemates, saying “I enjoyed Nikki at first as a crowd of people. She was a solid character”. She further added, “I like Eijaz cause vo solo khlene ki himmat rakhte hai, yet abh mai dekh rahi hoon ki voh bhi thak rahen hain and work currently individuals inside the house aren’t paying attention to him very”. On special case passage Aly Goni, she expressed, “Aly ko dekh ke Paras ki yaad aati hain. Aly mai mujhe doglapan lagta hai jo control karte hai logon ko”. Her interpretation of artist Rahul Vaidya included, “Rahul ek aise Khiladi hai jo control bhi karten hai, aur control hote nahin hain. I love his jokes!”

From a group of people point of view, she would need to see Eijaz and Kavita as companions and it would look energizing. During an interesting game, she referenced that Abhinav is the #KacchaNimbu inside the house, Kavita the #Pataka , Niki is the #AastinKaSaanp.

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