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Star Bharat show Ajooni unfolds new twist as Rajveer celebrates Ajooni’s success

Star Bharat’s show ‘Ajooni’ has been gracing with the highest viewership numbers lately. The show has succeeded in keeping viewers engrossed by introducing quite intriguing plots. Audiences are pulling for the budding chemistry between the leads Ayushi Khurana and Shoaib Ibrahim in the show.

In the upcoming track, we will be witnessing one of the highest point of the show where Rajveer will celebrate his wife Ajooni’s success. Rajveer will be seen framing her success certificate. To congratulate Ajooni, her dad and Bharat visit Ajooni. Bebe insults them for dropping in uninvited. You will also come across a part where Rajveer will come home wounded and suffers from severer fever. Ajooni tried calling the doctor but he stops her and deliberately everyone blames Ajooni for Rajveer’s deteriorating condition.

One of the most interesting parts will arrive when Ajooni will outsmart Dolly who tries to humiliate her. Meanwhile Dolly maker another plan to trouble Ajooni. Will Dolly apologise to Ajooni or is she upto something else?

Find out how what happens next and what twists and turns unfolds as Rajveer prepares to celebrate his wife Ajooni’s success.

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