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Another well known face joins Sanaya Irani as the lead for Sony TV’s Maanga Hai Tujhe Rabse!

Performer Sanaya Irani is good to go to make her huge rebound with Sony TV’s next with Beyond Dreams’ Maanga Hai Tujhe Rab Se. What’s more, if things work out, on-screen character Namik Paul will be seen inverse Sanaya in the show.

As per a report in an online entrance, the demonstrate that was before titled Behnein, is the account of a mother and her two kids. What’s more, the producers have reserved in another huge name for an exceptionally urgent part in the show. On-screen character Puja Banerjee has been reserved in for this pined for part.

What’s more, seen inverse Puja will be on-screen character Nakul Vaid. Tyke performers Mahira Khurana and Shivika Rishi have been reserved into play her little girls. The show will bring off with Puja’s character, which will end following 2 months and in the long run clear a path for Sanaya’s entrance.

We reached Puja, who affirmed the improvement with us.

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