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Ginni is like a shining star who is secretly seeking warmth in the cold world: Niyati Fatnani on Channa Mereya

Star Bharat has always been eager to offer its viewers something new, whether it’s fiction or non-fiction shows, and the audience has always embraced the concept of these shows. Star Bharat has returned with a new fiction series and is now ramping up to entertain audiences with its new upcoming show ‘Channa Mereya’ which is all set to entertain the audience

The makers have roped in talented actor Karan Wahi as ‘Aditya’ and beautiful actress Niyati Fatnani as ‘Ginni’ to play the lead roles in the show, who will be very interesting to watch together on screen.With a star-studded cast, the show is sure to capture the attention of the viewers and this beautiful pairing will further pique the interest of the viewers.

The show features two main leads, one of whom is Karan Wahi, who will play Aditya, a 27-year-old iceberg with a volcano in its belly who aspires to be one of the world’s largest hoteliers. He is on a quest for significance and meaning in his life, and he finds the answers in a girl he despises. Niyati Fatnani, on the other hand, will play the role of ‘Ginni,’ a vivacious girl who is full of life. She lives in her own little bubble of chaos and is desperate for a resolution for her family and the missing feeling of love. Ginni and her family runs a Dhaba in Amritsar that is well-known for its ‘Ginni ke haathon ka swaad,’ but she is like the shining star whose core is secretly seeking warmth in this cold world.

Niyati Fatnani on the launch of the show said, “I’m very excited to play ‘Ginni,’ a lively young lady who is full-of-life . Ginni Grewal lives in her own chaotic bubble. She and her entire family runs a Dhaba in Amritsar that is extremely popular due to ‘Ginni ke haathon ka swaad’, and it’s not just the food Ginni serves, but also the love and ‘apnapan’ she shares with the customers. Ginni is looking for something beyond her culinary abilities and lively giggles. She’s like a bright star, always shining and spreading light. A star whose core is secretly seeking warmth in this cold world. I’m overjoyed and supremely elated to take on this role, and I hope the audience enjoys it as much as I do”.

Produced by Beyond Dreams Entertainment, the show is based on the concept of love and the desire for love and cooking. On a deeper level, however, this is the story of the Yin and Yang, Shiva and Shakti, Order and Chaos, coming together. The constant coming together that results in explosion and then life. It depicts how the two attract and repel each other, as well as how they can’t live without each other because they complete one another. As a result, it becomes a universal love story with a spoonful of sadda northern tadka!

We are excited to see Karan Wahi and Niyati Fatnani in these new roles and what their chemistry will bring us. The show is sure to inspire many budding young dreamers. With the star-studded cast, the show will undoubtedly catch the audience’s attention and pique their interest.

All the ingredients are ready, the fire of anger and frustration is ready to explode. A delicious love story is now getting cooked.

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