Imlie: Malini announces that she is pregnant with Aditya’s kid

Star Plus show Imlie is set to see a major crack in Aditya and Imlie’s relationship. Malini has decided to get Aditya back in her life and has planned things. We have already seen in the episode that Malini accuses Aditya of rape charges.

She has planned this allegations to win Aditya back. After Malini accused Aditya of rape, Imlie is left devatsed and it has already been seen in the promo that she leaves the house. However, Malini will plot a new plan and she will announce that she is pregnant!

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Imlie’s Life will take a huge unexpected turn when Malini announces that she is pregnant with Aditya’s kid! What will Imlie do next? Will she leave Aditya? Will Malini achieve what she always wanted? Will Aditya be okay with his new suitation which has occurred between them?

The series is a loose adaptation of Star Jalsha’s Bengali series Ishti Kutum.The drama now showcases that Aditya has realised his love for Imlie and wants to make things right. He wants to give Imlie the love and respect she deserves from him and the family.

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