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Rupal Patel also known as ‘Kokilaben’ help Mika Singh find a partner.

‘Kokilaben’ also known as Rupal Patel will appear in the show and advice him take the right decision and ease to help Mika Singh find a partner of his choice. At the same time, Mika is also trying his best to understand every contestant. Not only this, many big celebrities have come on the show so far to give tips related to marriage to Mika and help him in choosing the girl. Meanwhile, Indian television artist Rupal Patel who appears in the show, shares some advices and tips that are way too precious as they are straight from her own life experiences and lessons.

In the episode we will witness Mika Singh and the contestants to be brought in the courtroom by Kokilaben to understand the both the sides of the coins. In her courtroom, Mika Singh answers all the allegations raised by the audience on him as Kokilaben herself asks the questions to him in a sequence. Kokilaben discloses few fundamental things about the importance of a marriage and the do’s and donts’ that should be followed for a happy and everlasting marriage. She goes onto saying, “I’ve been married for years now and I feel that there are one or two basic things that should be present which is faith and understanding between the two partners. Also, the fundamental part of marriage that I also follow in life is there is no harm to take a step back or submit yourself before your partner in any sort of disagreements or hardships that you both may experience together.”

Furthermore, in the episode we will also come across an intriguing segment where the contestants are alleged by Kokilaben that they are using Mika Singh to acquire fame. You will come to know at the end of the episode about how the contestants responded to this. The advices shared in the courtroom of Kokilaben will definitely help Mika Singh find the right partner and learn from the lessons of her life experiences.

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