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Colors’ Khatron Ke Khiladi 12 brings new twists with ‘Partners Week’ this weekend

With every passing week, ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi 12’ has been raising the bar of entertainment for its viewers. While the contestants are performing each stunt ferociously, action maestro and host Rohit Shetty increases the level of difficulty with new challenges every week. The upcoming week is going to be the ‘partners week’ where the contestants will face their fears in pairs. The choreographer-dancer duo Nishant Bhat and Tushar Kalia will go against the ‘jodi’ of Kanika and Rubina in the ‘Pig Pen’ stunt.

During the stunt both contestants have to hold lemons in their mouth and transfer them across a closed mud pit full of pigs. While both Nishant and Tushar start off at a good pace, but midway Nishant gets bitten by a pig and bruises his knees too.

Talking about his injury Nishant Bhat shares, “We were a little startled after learning about the ‘Partner’s Week’, as it can make a huge difference on your performance depending on who your partner is. Thankfully Tushar and I were the partners. We have known each other for a long time, and I share a great equation with him. The task we had to perform together was the ‘Pig pen’ stunt. When the stunt was explained to us, I thought that we would get through the tasks easily; but soon realized that it was not as easy as it sounded. I was trying my best to complete the task when a pig bit me. It was a scary experience. The team was very supportive and alert, and fortunately, everything was taken care of in time.”

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