BB 15: Vidhi Pandya’s elder brother shares his early fears about her entering the show

Bigg Boss contestant Vidhi Pandya can be seen taking a stand for herself on and off. She came across as one of the sorted contestants of the show. But it is interesting to know that her elder brother Urmil Pandya initially did not want her to participate in the show because he feared that people might misjudge her.

He said: “I was hesitant because I am protective towards her and didn’t want her to expose her personal side to a judgmental and hypocritical world at a young age where people don’t understand that we can make mistakes, but that doesn’t mean that the person is bad. But she is a determined girl and she was able to convince me that you should never let go of an opportunity which has a chance to help in your career. Plus, ‘Bigg Boss’ was something that she wanted to experience.”

Sharing his apprehensions, Urmil stressed: “I was afraid that people might misunderstand her because of her tone or words used when she is angry. People who are watching the show are not her family and don’t know what she means and can take things negatively. But that is part of the journey and looking at the love that she is receiving makes me feel good that people can see how adorable and brave she is.”

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It’s the second week of the show and he said that the audience has seen all sides of Vidhi. He added: “It’s been a roller-coaster ride. We have seen her cuteness, aggression, the fun side and also how determined she is during the tasks. It always makes me a bit nervous when I see her aggression on TV thinking that everyone’s watching but then that’s my problem as she is giving her best and not faking anything. Then of course we have also seen how calm she is most of the time and doesn’t indulge in unnecessary talks.”

Thanking her fans and the audience, Urmil concluded: “To the fans, thank you for all your support till now. Please continue loving her.”

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