Big revealation for Fateh; Simran and Buzo to end up at Virk house in ‘Udaariyaan’?

Colors’ show ‘Udaariyaan’ is getting a lot of love from the viewers. The show has taken an interesting turn with the families getting to know about Fateh and Jasmine’s affair. Tejo has returned to Virk family as Khushbeer want her to stay in the house as his daughter.

In the previous episode, Fateh handed over the divorce papers to Tejo and she signed them. Tejo stated that she has freed Fateh from all the clutches and he is free to live his life on his own. Virk family is totally against Fateh-Tejo’s divorce and Fateh-Jasmine’s relationship.

Fateh has become very cold towards Tejo as he believes she has an affair with Buzo while the truth is that Tejo knows about Simran being in Chandigarh and she having an affair with Buzo. Simran and Buzo have requested Tejo to not reveal the truth in front of anyone.

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Well, the buzz is that soon Fateh will learn about the truth and he will be filled with a lot of guilt for misunderstanding Tejo. Simran played by Chetna Singh and Buzo played by Virsa Sigh Riar were spotted shooting together in the Virk house on the sets of ‘Udaariyaan’.

A source revealed, “Simran and Buzo have shot in Virk house, but it will be interesting to see if the truth will come out soon or there’s more to the drama in the show”.

We promise to be back with more updates on the same.

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