Big Twist: Shiva and Disha to win a couple competition leaving Raavi jealous in ‘Pandya Store’?

Star Plus show ‘Pandya Store’ is getting quite interesting with each passing episode. The current track of the show revolves around Dhara facing troubles in her pregnancy. Suman wants Shiva to get re-married. She wants Shiva to marry Disha and divorce Raavi. Disha has entered Shiva’s life. Dhara and Rishita want Shiva-Raavi to reconcile.

In the previous episode, Suman announced one of a kind Raamleela in Somnath organized by Pandya family. Dhara and Gautam will become Ram and Sita while Dev will become Laxman. Shiva will play the character of Bharat in Raamleela. Suman wants Disha to play Shiva’s wife in the play.

Disha and Shiva are slowly and steadily coming closer and Raavi is getting insecure because of the same. Shiva is enjoying Raavi’s jealousy.

Well, in the upcoming episode, there will be a couple competition held in Somnath and all the couples from Somnath will be a part of the same. The major twist in the tale will be that Disha and Shiva are speculated to win the competition.

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As per sources, chances are rife that Shiva-Disha’s compatibility and understanding would apparently make them the winners of the competition leaving Raavi fuming in insecurity.

Dhara has indirectly signaled Raavi to take matters in her hand and not let Shiva get married to Disha. However, it will be interesting to see what will Raavi do to revive her relationship with Shiva.

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