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Parineeti: Neeti to meet with an accident

Colors’ Parineeti makers are trying their level best to keep the audience hooked to the show with its twist and turns.

The upcoming episode will see major high voltage drama where Neeti will meet with an accident. It will so happen that Neeti reach home and see Shera and his goons waiting for her she tries to escape but they kidnap her, and Rajiv reaches home to see Neeti and realizes something is wrong he is trying to connect with Neeti but is unable to reach her.

After the kidnap drama, Neeti will try to escape from Shera and run. She somehow manage to call Parineet and tell her everything what had happened. And before Neeti tells her what happened car hits her amd she is lying on the road in a pool of blood.

How will Parineet react to the situation?

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